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We offer business setup services provide a comprehensive solution for entrepreneurs, eliminating the hassle and complexities often associated with business setup in the UAE.


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A trusted business setup advisory firm in Dubai, UAE


Who we are?

Quick Venture is a leading and trusted business setup firm in Dubai UAE, that offers company formation services at an affordable price in Dubai. 

We are not just professionals; we are passionate trailblazers dedicated to excellence every step of the way. Our commitment to perfection drives us to serve you exceptionally. With Quick Ventures, we don’t just imagine the future of your business We make it simple for a better future. Let’s not just build a business; let’s build a legacy together. Choose Quick Venture Business Setup and take your entrepreneurial dreams to new heights. For a Better Business Start your journey from here.

Quality Assurance
We provide comprehensive setup services, ensuring a fast, simple, and hassle-free process from start to finish.
Customer Satisfaction
Our corporate services cater to your requirements, ensuring a smooth start to your business journey.

Why Choose Quick Venture?

Choosing the right business setup consultant in Dubai is crucial for your company’s success. At Quick Venture, we recognize that the intricacies of the business environment require a distinctive and personalized approach. Here are some compelling reasons why opting for Quick Venture.

Complete Assistance Throughout Your Journey

Nurturing Creativity and Flexibility

Unmatched Industry Expertise: Crafting Tailored Solutions from Data Mastery

Empowering Progress: Transforming Knowledge into Action at Quick Venture

Strategic Collaboration: Crafting Tailored Solutions through Open Communication

Transparency in Action: Why Choosing Quick venture is a Distinct Decision

Strategic Prowess Unleashed: Crafting Success-Driven Solutions with Analytical Precision

Quick Venture: Empowering Your Business with Agile Solutions for a Competitive Edge

frequently asked questions

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How can Quick Venture Business Setup help with the business setup process?
Quick Venture Business Setup helps with the first step of business setup which is a one-to-one consultation with our advisor, jurisdiction selection, and opening a corporate bank account. It is followed by the steps of applying for trade incense, visa, and Emirate ID application.
Why should you choose Quick Venture for a free zone business setup in Dubai?
We should be chosen for a free zone company setup in Dubai because of our assured quality services and expert solutions. We have a veteran workforce that is ready with our dynamic business setup solutions and services. We ensure customer satisfaction. We have cost-effective packages that can be customized too.
What are the advantages of choosing Quick Venture for Free Zone for business setup in the UAE?
Quick Venture is a leading free zone business setup firm in the UAE that specializes to simplify the procedures of setting up a business. The advantage of hiring us is to get all insights from the market to legalities, licensing, and documentation. We ensure a seamless journey for entrepreneurs who vigorously look to establish and lead a successful business. We have prior principles of transparency for working.
Can I have complete ownership of my business in a Free Zone?
Yes, Apart from 100% ownership, one gets a lot of other benefits after setting up a business in a free zone including visa assistance, multiple shareholders, corporate banking assistance, free VAT consultation, free activity consultation, and 0% Corporate Tax
How quickly can I launch my business in a Free Zone?
You can launch your business in a free zone easily by consulting Quick Ventures. We are here to help you in each step. We have customized packages for you that can be adjusted as per your requirements.
What makes Free Zones a trending choice for business setup?
A Free Zone is a strategic location that opens and attracts global investors. This area is considered to be one of the best places to trade in the Emirates. One gets many amenities and benefits of doing trade in UAE such as 100% foreign ownership, no currency restrictions, no logistical issues, a time-efficient process, convenient registration, a range of business activities, global connectivity, full profit repatriation, 0% corporate tax and import-export tax.

About Quick Venture

Quick Venture Business Setup is a leading business setup firm in the UAE, specializing in simplifying the process of establishing businesses for a diverse clientele. With a dedicated team and extensive expertise, we guide clients through legalities, licensing, and market insights. Our commitment to excellence, transparency, and tailored solutions ensures a seamless journey for entrepreneurs and enterprises aiming to thrive in the dynamic UAE business environment.


20th Floor, The Citadel Tower, Business Bay, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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