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Contact Quick Venture for Ajman free zone business setup at an affordable price with 100% ownership. Ajman is one of the seven emirates that comprise the United Arab Emirates, and it is home to the Ajman Free Zone (UAE).


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Ajman Free Zone is undoubtedly an eminent place because of its special location especially being nearer to Ajman Airport makes it more distinguished and helps SMEs and other businesses to increase the chance of trade resulting in the efficiency of a business and its smooth performance.

Starting a setup in the Ajman Free Zone takes legal procedure which is quite complex and fussy this is why it is a fantastic option to go with the assistance of a professional consultant for a company setup.

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Advantages of Ajman Free Zone

Full foreign ownership of business

Full profit repatriation

0% corporate tax

0% import or export tax

Strategic location

Global Connectivity

Time-efficient process

Convenient Registration

No Currency Restrictions

No logistical Issues

What We Provide

Branch Of Foreign Office

Professional Companies

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Representative Office

Business Trade License

Popular Free Zones in Ajman 

You may opt for any of the Free Zone regions listed below based on your business endeavour.

Ajman Free Zone (AFZ)

Ajman Free Zone (AFZ)

Ajman Free Zone is a free trade zone and one of the designated freezones located in Ajman, United Arab Emirates. First established in 1988, it is one of a number of unbonded free zones in the UAE offering offshore company setup and operation to investors.

Ajman Media City Free Zone

Ajman Media City Free Zone

Operating independently of AFZA, Ajman Media City Free Zone was launched in 2018, some three years after the Emiri Decree to establish the zone was issued.

Ajman China Mall Free Zone

Ajman China Mall Free Zone

Ajman China Mall, also known as the “Chinese Merchandise Procurement Centre”, located within the free zone, serves as a major hub for the trade of merchandise.

Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA)

Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA)

One of the oldest and largest free zones in UAE, JAFZA is known for its industrial and logistics facilities.

Documents Required for Ajman Free Zone Company Formation

For a Business License in Ajman Free Zone:

Application Form

Passport Copy, valid for at least 6 months

Colored Photograph

Visa Copy or UID

Six months personal bank account statement

All shareholders must be physically present when submitting the signed documents

A foreign entity can indeed open a bank account in the UAE. However, incorporating in the UAE is often much easier and cost-effective with a local company.

For Opening A Bank Account in Ajman Free Zone:

Complete set of company formation documents. Eg: trade license, MoA/local agent agreement/civil partnership agreement, office rent agreement

Residency visa

Emirates ID

Utility bills

Six months personal bank account statement

All shareholders must be physically present when submitting the signed documents

A foreign entity can indeed open a bank account in the UAE. However, incorporating in the UAE is often much easier and cost-effective with a local company.

frequently asked questions


What are the specific advantages of choosing Ajman Free Zone for business setup?
Ajman Free Zone is certainly a notable place because of its strategic location and being near Ajman Airport helps it stand out as well as assists trades in increasing the growth. It serves many advantages such as international connectivity, 0% import/export as well as corporate tax, 100% business ownership and 100% repatriation, easy registration and there are no logistical issues as well as no currency restrictions.
Can foreign entrepreneurs fully own and operate businesses in the Ajman Free Zone?
A Free Zone business entity doesn't require a partner to have 51% of shares to own a company. However, a foreign investor can have 100% ownership of the business while retaining all the profits.
How does Ajman Free Zone support and encourage innovation and technology-driven businesses?
Ajman Free Zone harnesses technology to ensure the digital abilities of companies which focus on the digital business community for sustainable growth of businesses.
What role does the Ajman Free Zone Authority (AFZA) play in the business setup process?
AFZA was formed in 1988 in the UAE and plays the important role of helping businesses in company formation, and foreign direct investment. It offers a productive environment, economical services, and options to investors.
Can businesses in the Ajman Free Zone engage in commercial activities with companies outside the Free Zone and internationally?
After obtaining relevant approval, documents, and licenses one can engage in business activities with companies based and allowed in their respective Free Zone or mainland in the UAE & Ajman Free Zone. but it can’t do commercial activities outside the designated area.
What are the options for renewing a business license in the Ajman Free Zone?
One can process a renewal application via online mode on the AFZA website. The application form that you submit needs to be provided with information about your business details including company name and contact details along with the type of business activity.

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