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We offer business setup services provide a comprehensive solution for entrepreneurs, eliminating the hassle and complexities often associated with business setup in the UAE.

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Business Setup in UAE Mainland

Explore prosperous opportunities with our all-encompassing services for establishing your business in Dubai Mainland. Our team of experts specializes in guiding enterprises through the intricate process of setting up in the vibrant center of Dubai. From navigating legal requirements to facilitating smooth registrations, we guarantee an efficient and seamless setup journey. With our dedicated support, unleash the full potential of your business in Dubai Mainland, positioning yourself for success in the dynamic business landscape of this thriving metropolis.

How to Setup UAE Mainland Business

Select the most relevant activity that aligns with your business goals.

Partner with a local sponsor to meet legal requirements.

Secure a unique trade name for your business.

Seek preliminary approval from relevant authorities.

Draft the Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Local Service Agent (LSA) agreement.

Obtain approvals from external bodies, if necessary.

Choose an appropriate office space as per regulations.

Once all formalities are complete, acquire your final business license.


Why Is It Best for Business Setup in UAE Mainland

Establishing your presence in UAE Mainland provides access to both local and international markets, along with tax benefits and unparalleled infrastructure. The city’s strategic location, business-friendly policies, and robust economy make it an ideal choice for sustainable growth and global expansion.

Global Market Reach: Expand your business growth by tapping into both international and local markets.

Tax Incentives: Take advantage of the favorable tax environment in the UAE, where there are no corporate or personal income taxes.

Full foreign ownership : Enjoy 100% foreign ownership, along with the flexibility to trade anywhere in the UAE.

Various Business Opportunities: Discover a diverse array of sectors and industries flourishing in Dubai.

Work Visa: Processing of work visas is very simple.

Bank Account: Opening a Business bank account is very easy.

Types Of Mainland Company Formation In UAE

Branch Of Foreign Office

Professional Companies

Representative Office

Limited Liability Company (LLC)​

Best Startup Packages For Company Setup In UAE


Starting from Just

AED 12,900

100% Ownership

Visa Assistance

Corporate Banking Assistance

Free VAT Consultation

0% Corporate Or Personal Tax

Multiple Shareholders

Free Activity Consultation

Financial Benefits

Low Operation Cost


Starting from Just

AED 11,000

100% Ownership

No currency restriction

Investor Visa Available

Corporate Banking Assistance

Free VAT Consultation

0% Corporate Tax

Duty Free

Multiple Shareholders

Free Activity Consultation


Starting from Just

AED 18,000

100% Ownership

Remote Licensing

Currency Flexibility

Access to Investment

Ease of Setup

Asset Protection

International Trade facility

Global Connectivity

Business-Friendly Regulations

frequently asked questions


How can I quickly establish my business in Abu Dhabi Mainland?
You can rapidly form the business in Abu Dhabi Mainland within some steps of trade name receiving, securing office space, finalizing business activity, applying for a license, managing visa, and document submission.
How swiftly can I establish my business in Dubai Mainland?
You can establish a business successfully in Dubai Mainland within 1 week to 4 weeks. You have to obtain a license obtained by the Emirate Authority and then start.
Can I have 100% ownership of my business in Dubai Mainland?
Yes, you can have complete and 100% ownership of your business in Dubai Mainland once you get verified documents and obtain a license.
What ongoing support services are available for businesses in Sharjah Mainland?

There are many services one can avail for their respective business in Sharjah Mainland which includes Branch Of Foreign Office, Professional Companies and workforce, Business Trade License, & Representative Office. It offers a lot of benefits, attracts investors, especially foreign ones, and brings you tons of amenities and other facilities.
Why is Ajman Mainland gaining popularity for business setup?
Ajman is gaining popularity for business setup because it is considered a renowned and popular as well as strategic location to trade. Its prospects and facilities make this area a perfect place to start a company in Ajman. One gets to save a lot of taxes with this exhilarating place.

About Quick Venture

Quick Venture Business Setup is a leading business setup firm in the UAE, specializing in simplifying the process of establishing businesses for a diverse clientele. With a dedicated team and extensive expertise, we guide clients through legalities, licensing, and market insights. Our commitment to excellence, transparency, and tailored solutions ensures a seamless journey for entrepreneurs and enterprises aiming to thrive in the dynamic UAE business environment.


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