The Latest Counsel of 2024 to Grab a Freelance Visa in Dubai

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Dubai which is an integral part of the United Arab Emirates has put itself on the map as one of the most significant investment hubs. This is perhaps one of the most justified reasons why business personalities worldwide consider this city as the epitome of investment. prior conditions can be named as follows: The availability of the infrastructures at the world-class level, the non-concessions on tax to the foreign investors, and the multicultural population make Dubai a promising area for international business organisations.

If there is one aspect that people invest a lot of time in, it is handling their finances in this fast-paced city, and therefore the choice of Best Foreign Banks in Dubai is decisive. There are so many that they may contain almost any kind of service needed by such organisations and people, but they focus mainly on international companies and persons.

Why is it more advantageous to choose an international bank in Dubai?

There are several compelling reasons to consider an international bank in Dubai:

  • Global Reach: The prominent of these is that these banks have branches all over the world, providing convenient ways to access your money irrespective of your location.
  • Diverse Products and Services: International banks provide for all clients’ corporations banking services, wealth and personal banking products and solutions that meet different needs in one place.
  • Multilingual Support: These banks cater to the multicultural audience and, as such, offer customer support in multiple languages, making the foreign client’s banking experience as seamless as possible.
  • Expertise in International Finance: International banks have extensive credibility, skills and insight into the management of different global financial mechanisms, which makes them a valuable source of expertise for your international business activities.

List of International Banks in Dubai 

Accompanying Dubai’s status as an international city with a rapidly developing economy is a particularly select group of foreign banks actively operating within this country, and each of them has its own well-defined advantages, as well as its individual set of services and products. Here’s a glimpse into some of the leading players: 

  • HSBC Bank: As one of the world’s leading global banks HSBC offers a staggering range of corporate and retail and private banking services that could meet the needs of most of the large global and individuals.
  • Standard Chartered Bank: Its strength is within the corporate/institutional banking discipline; thus, it can be best addressed to those enterprises, which require funds for import/export of products and services, together with treasury facilities.
  • Citibank: Citigroup, through Citibank, is amongst to the world’s largest banking companies; it provides businesses, financial partners, and the public conventional banking including; corporate, investments, and retail banking.
  • Emirates NBD: Emirates NBD is amongst the largest banks It is a UAE-based bank with some international operations that allow it to compete as a full-fledged international operation bank for both UAE and international clientele.
  • Barclays Bank: Barclays Bank being one of the players in the global banking sector it offers and functions along side with a long list of services in corporate and investment banking making it a good partner for global businesses.

Selecting the Best international banks in Dubai

When there are numerous global banks challenging each other in order to attract your financing, it becomes necessary to make a choice. Here are some key factors to ponder:

  • Your Banking Needs: Determine what products and services you need whether it’s corporate banking, wealth management or consumer banking products. It is crucial that you select a bank that provides you with services that fit your requirements in detail.
  • Fees and Charges: Determine the fees charged by various banks and compare the current fees for account maintenance, transactions and exchange rates.
  • Online Banking Services: In the current technological environment, sound financial applications in digital banking are mandatory. make certain that the online/mobile banking platform of the bank is as user friendly as possible in order to have easy access to your money.
  • Customer Service: Consumers have high expectations for how they are treated and attending to them is a critical success factor. Select a bank that has been specific in delivering the service in terms of its ability to answer the questions that might arise as efficiently as possible.

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Understand your Financial Potential in Dubai

Through our affiliation with a highly accredited global bank in Dubai, that open all doors of finance to you. All these banks have all the help and assistance you need to manage and invest in international finances thus leaving you to work on your business success.

Can Quick Venture help you?

Quick Venture a professional Services Company In Dubai can help you in opening a corporate bank account with an international bank in Dubai. We will have to relay the instructions of the project to our team of experts who can advise on legal formalities, documentation and interacting with the bank for the project on your behalf. The decision-making process can be made easy and have maximum efficiency as our team of experts coordinates with the bank for the project on your behalf while the rest of the paperwork and legal formalities are explained to you and can be done by your end.

Let the potential of Dubai unfold

Being one of the most developed cities in the world with the best infrastructures established, and with the great option for international banks, Dubai is indeed a key domain for business. It is by selecting the most appropriate international bank that one provides himself or herself with all the necessary financial might and know-how to operate profitably in this vibrant economy.

Quick Venture, a trusted company formation specialist firm is here to assist you in your quest to setup a business in Dubai. To get the best from us, contact us today, and let us assist you to achieve your dreams financial.

Freelance Visa in Dubai
Apr, 2024

The Latest Counsel of 2024 to Grab a Freelance Visa in Dubai

The UAE has been thriving and attracting traders, business owners, & venture capitalists. As a result of its promising career opportunities and growth, it’s becoming alluring for employees, job hunters, self-employees, and freelancers. 

Are you a freelancer with zero ideas of starting freelancing in Dubai? This blog is solely to help freelancers who wish to get a freelance license in Dubai and are struggling to get a client base, business, and work opportunities. We are going to guide you through the footsteps and will be covering the entire procedure of legitimate documentation, paperwork, cost, etc.  

What is a Freelance Visa? 

It is a visa for self-employed workers that gives them the legitimacy to work in the UAE that can be drawn from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, with it one can work anywhere in the UAE. A Freelance Visa Dubai works as a permit with 3 years of validity that can be renewed. This visa grants permission to non-citizens who want to engage in freelancing, function independently, and have flexibility in work. These individuals need to adhere to multiple regulations and meet certain eligibility criteria. A person with a Freelance Visa in Dubai can provide services in design, media, trade, education, and marketing depending upon the allotted area or free zone authorities and the UAE government. One can apply for different types of Freelance Licenses such as Freelance Work Permit, Investor/Freelance Visa, Media Freelancer Visa, Freelancer License Registration UAE, and Freelance Permit For Women, Tech Freelancer Visa.

Advantages of a Freelance License Dubai  

Of course! You must have been guided and given many recommendations for having a freelance license. Here, we will be sharing some astounding gains of having a Freelance visa in Dubai. 

  • You can establish yourself as a freelancer in a thriving market 
  • You can have legal approval to have multiple clients without having a local sponsor
  • You get the flexibility and independence to choose your own proposal and deal
  • After 3 years of Freelance Visa Dubai, You can apply for a residence visa. 
  • You get the chance to sponsor your spouse or family member for residence visas so they start living with you.

Eligibility Criteria for a Freelance Visa Dubai

  • One must be 18 years
  • A UG/PG degree and academic certificates 
  • 2 years of experience in your field is required
  • Require an entry permit if you have been living in Dubai or a residence visa
  • A valid passport with 6 months of validity 
  • A credible health insurance 

Prerequisites & Required Documents 

The application process for obtaining a Dubai freelance visa is quite uncomplicated and can be applied via GDRFAs (General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs) or the freelance permit portal. Certain documents are required such as;

  • copy of passport
  • Health insurance Policy copy
  • Entry permit or residence visa(if you’re already living in Dubai)
  • Copy of educational certificates and degrees
  • Copy of the NOC(no-objection certificate) from your present employer
  • Your portfolio with details of your freelance activities
  • Business plan, and income generated along
  • A filled application form

Navigation & Procedural Steps

Let us navigate you through the steps of the freelance visa process!

  1. First, you need to go on the Dubai Visit Visa Online website or write an email to so that you get access to the essential information. 
  2. Get connected to the official team for guidance and personalized assistance during the application procedure. 
  3. Fill up the application form with authentic details for your visa keeping your professional goals and experiences aligned. 
  4. Now, submit the form that you filled and the team of Dubai Visit Visa Online will help you in the process of document submission & verification as well as other mandate points of obtaining a Freelance Visa Dubai.  

Expense of a Freelance Visa

Money first, so let us quickly know the Freelance visa price in Dubai. The charges vary according to the type, duration, allotted area, and other things which can be AED 7,500. As discussed earlier, it will be available and valid for 3 years after which the visa will have to be renewed annually. However, this is not only the Freelance visa Dubai cost since it includes a processing charge of AED 300  along with a medical fitness test of AED 260.

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Get Your Freelancer Visa with the Assistance of Quick Venture 

It is a great idea to apply for a freelance visa in Dubai for all those self-employed individuals who wish to work in the UAE whether a citizen or a non-citizen since Dubai has become a hub of business, trade, and a place of innumerable opportunities.

Quick Venture is a business consultant that can help you in making this registration and visa simple. We are one of the leading players in company formation or set-up solutions and ahead. 

Now, you do not need to delve into the stress and worries of the application procedure cause we can lend you straightforward services. Especially when you enter into business and market typically of Dubai’s with more legitimate restrictions and licenses, then guidance and counseling are the most reliable options to be left.  

Quick Venture’s expert and veteran team with 15+ years of experience in the field will take you through each step before and after obtaining a freelancing visa in the UAE. 

Remove the chaos by giving us a call +971-526724420 or email at And get your personalized counsel!

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